12mm Small Coreless Gear Motor Using in Prosthetic Hands

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Long Lifetime 12mm Coreless Gear Motor to Drive Prosthetic Hands

The 1215 series coreless dc gear motor has the characteristics of light weight, low consumption, low starting current, high torque, fast starting speed and long life, fast response.

Motor Model NFP-D1215GX
Rated Voltage 12V DC
No-load Current ≤30 mA
No-load Speed 1.5 RPM
Rated Torque 4.5 Kg.cm
Ratio 380 : 1
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Advances in prosthetic hands have been astounding in recent years, providing amputees with a better quality of life and greater mobility. One of the key elements that has contributed to these advancements is the use of small coreless dc gear motors.

These micro motors are little marvels of technology. They are designed to be compact, lightweight and offer great power for their size. This makes it the ideal choice for prosthetic hands, where space and weight are critical factors.

Here are some key benefits of using 12mm coreless geared motors in prosthetic hands:

  • Compact Size: These small gear coreless dc motors are incredibly small, allowing them to be integrated discreetly into the prosthesis.
  • Impressive Power: Despite their small size, these gear coreless motors provide sufficient power to enable precise and controlled movements of the artificial hand.
  • Lightweight: The lightness of these small gear motors helps reduce user fatigue, which is essential for prolonged use of the prosthesis.
  • Durability: Coreless micro gear motors are designed to withstand heavy use, ensuring a long life of the prosthesis.
  • Precise Control: These mini coreless dc motors provide precise control of the movements of the artificial hand, which is essential for performing delicate tasks.

In conclusion, micro coreless geared motors are an essential component of modern prosthetic hands. Their compact size, power and durability make them an ideal choice for improving the quality of life of amputees. Learn more…

Why Choose NFP Motor

Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd. is an international enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales that is established in 2002. We mainly produce coin type flat motor, LRA – linear resonant actuator, BLDC – brushless DC motor, coreless motor, gear dc motor, SMD motor, vibration feedback solutions, the micro motor supplied by NFP apply in multi-field applications.

NFP Motor can supply miniature motors samples for prototype design in early times. We provides great convenience for design companies which may not need a particularly large quantity of motors once time for general in the initial design of a new product. The prototypes maybe just request 20units, 50units or more units to test the market. If it goes well you can contact us for mass production order. During this process we can customize the small dc motors according to your needs. You can request for custom lead wire length, connectors JST or Molex… , the micro dc motors voltage, speed, current, torque, ratio, any parameters according to your application prototype.

And back to ordering samples step, you can place an order directly by PayPal or Credit Card, and the motors will be expressed to you with a super fast way, 3-4 days via DHL/FedEx door to door.

The small gear DC motor is a type of electric motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is characterized by its compact size, high efficiency, and the presence of a gear mechanism that enables it to produce high torque at low speeds. These motors are commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as robotics, automation, toys, and electronic devices, where precise and efficient motion control is required. Due to their small size and low power consumption, they are also ideal for portable and battery-operated devices. Small gear DC motors are available in various configurations, such as brushed and brushless types, and with different reduction gearbox ratios to suit specific applications.

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NFP-Motor provides all types of gear motors with stable performance, strong power and long service time.

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NPF Motor will give the most reliable supports for your product design.

All the motors can mass production, if the motors you’re interested is not in stock, contact us directly. Custom design motors and OEM & ODM services for micro dc motors supported. Miniature gear motors, LRA, ERM vibration motors…If you can’t find the motor you’re interested, contact us directly too!!


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