Coin Vibration Motor

Pancake vibrator motor is designed for the devices which require haptic feedback or alerts. This series of tiny coin vibration motors are used in wearable and medical devices, and etc.


Coin Vibration Motor

Short Introduction Of ERM Vibration Motors

ERM is the short name of eccentric rotating mass that means a small dc motor drives a small mass to generate vibration. It’s easy to insert to any tiny space to create vibration. These kind of tiny vibration motors are the cheapest solution of haptic feedback.

To get a more long lifetime coin motor, you can use bruhless coin vibration motor or linear vibration motors.

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Coin Vibration Motors

Top Applications Of Small Vibration Devices

Three kinds of coin types vibration motors are widely using in many wearable devices.


How Vibration Motors Work in Wearables?

Vibration motors, also known as haptic motors, are commonly used in wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers to provide tactile feedback to the wearer. These motors work by converting electrical energy into mechanical vibrations that can be felt by the user.

The basic principle behind vibration motors is the use of an unbalanced mass attached to a motor shaft. When the motor rotates, the unbalanced mass causes the motor to vibrate.
This vibration is then transmitted to the wearable device, allowing the user to feel the feedback.

The vibration motor is typically controlled by a driver circuit that regulates the amount and frequency of the electrical energy supplied to the motor. The driver circuit can adjust the vibration strength and pattern to create different types of feedback sensations, such as a gentle vibration or a more intense buzz.

In wearables, vibration motors are often used to provide feedback for notifications, alerts, and alarms. For example, a smartwatch may vibrate to alert the wearer of an incoming call or text message. Vibration motors can also be used to provide haptic feedback during exercise routines, such as tracking progress towards fitness goals.

Overall, vibration motors play an important role in wearables by providing tactile feedback that enhances the user experience and helps to keep the wearer informed and engaged with the device.