Coin Vibration Motor Use in BalanceBelt with Auto Calibration

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Φ10mm Coin DC Vibration Motor Provides Haptics Feedback

Motor Model NFP-C1030
Rated Voltage 3V DC
Motor Diameter Φ10mm
Rated Current 80mA max.
Rated Speed 11,000 ± 2,500rpm
Amplitude 1.4G
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NFP-C1030 Coin Vibration Motor Use in Smart Wearable BalanceBelt for Vibrator Haptic Feedback

Balance disorders affect millions of people around the world and impact quality of life and mobility. The BalanceBelt is a unique solution that helps people suffering from severe vestibular loss such as bilateral vestibular loss, poorly compensated unilateral vestibular loss and in some cases persistent postural perceptual dizziness.

There is a new, innovative treatment for patients with bilateral vestibular hypo-function (BVL/BVH).
BVL/BVH patients typically have difficulty maintaining their balance, especially when walking in the dark or on uneven surfaces. They also have difficulty seeing clearly during head movements.
The BalanceBelt significantly improves the patient’s stability by providing haptic feedback based on the acceleration and angle of the body. The brain interprets this haptic feedback as input to the balance system. Patients who use the BalanceBelt unconsciously improve their balance, even after just a few minutes of first use (!).

The BalanceBelt with automatic calibration is an advanced wearable device designed to help people with serious balance disorders. The automatic calibration supports seamless use in daily life.
BalanceBelt with Auto Calibration continuously monitors movements and automatically adjusts the support level in real-time, providing users with optimal balance support:
☞ Support stable walking without the need for walking aids;
☞ Increases the ability to look around while walking;
☞ Improves independence and mobility, allowing an active and independent life;
☞ Reduces the risk of falls;
☞ Improves the ability to walk in poor light.

The BalanceBelt® contains several small vibration motors. When the BalanceBelt senses that you are losing balance, it vibrates in the direction of your imbalance. Your brain will quickly learn to compensate for your posture based on these small vibrations. If you have serious balance problems, the BalanceBelt allows you to move freely and look around you again, without having to rely on walking aids. Optimize balance and comfort with micro coin vibration motors in Auto-Calibrating BalanceBelts. Φ10mm coin vibrating motors provide strong vibration feedback, they are easy to insert to any tiny space to create vibration. Tiny coin vibration motors are excellent solution of haptic feedback.

Discover how Coin Vibration Motors enhance the functionality of BalanceBelts with auto-calibration features, ensuring precise balance and comfort. Explore the benefits of this innovative technology for improved stability and user experience.
The smallest coin vibration motor only 7mm diameter in the market. Its low G force will limit its applications to very light weight wearables such as smart rings and light weight watches and other wearable devices etc. Double stick tape on the bottom of the case facilitates mounting.
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