Cylindrical Vibration Motor NFP-P0612 Use in Digital Mobile Radios

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Φ6mm Micro ERM Vibration Motor Provide Haptic Feedback

Motor Model NFP-P0612-4408
Rated Voltage 1.3V DC
Starting Voltage ≤ 0.8V DC
Rated Load R − 3mm, L − 4.5mm
Load Speed 6600rpm ± 500rpm
Load Current ≤ 60mA
Stall Current ≤ 250mA
Rotation Direction CW
Resistance at 100V > 5MΩ
Motor Diameter Φ6.0mm ± 0.05mm
Motor Length 12.2mm ± 0.2mm
Total Length 17.7mm ± 0.3mm
End Play 0.05mm − 0.3mm
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Motor Model NFP-P0612-4410
Starting Voltage ≤ 0.8V DC
Rated Voltage 3V DC
Load Current ≤ 80mA
Load Speed 11000rpm ± 3000rpm
Stall Current ≤ 180mA
Rotation CW
Resistance at 100V >5MΩ
End Play 0.05mm – 0.3mm
Motor Diameter Φ6.0mm ± 0.05mm
Motor Length 12.2mm ± 0.2mm
Total Length 18.3mm ± 0.3mm
Ecc. Mass Length L – 4mm
Ecc. Weight Radius R – 3mm
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NFP-P0612 ERM Vibrating Motor Use in Digital Mobile Radios for Haptic Feedback

The cylindrical erm vibration motor is a small but powerful device that adds an entirely new dimension to the functionality of digital mobile radios. This motor is specifically designed to create vibrations, offering a unique tactile feedback to users when interacting with their devices.

How does the cylindrical erm vibrating motor benefit digital mobile radios? Let’s delve into some of its key advantages:
1️⃣ Haptic Feedback: With the inclusion of the cylindrical erm vibrating motor, mobile radio users can now receive haptic feedback in response to various interactions. This feedback can range from subtle vibrations to more noticeable pulses, allowing users to feel and respond to important alerts, notifications, and even call indications without having to rely solely on visual or auditory cues. It adds an extra layer of awareness and improves the overall user experience.
2️⃣ Enhanced Interactivity: The vibrating motor opens up avenues for enhanced interactivity in mobile radios. It can be utilized to provide dynamic feedback during interactions with the radio’s controls, such as adjusting volume, changing channels, or selecting different options. These vibrations can help users navigate menus and settings more efficiently, providing a tactile confirmation of their inputs.
3️⃣ Alert Notifications: In critical situations, where immediate attention is required, the cylindrical erm vibrating motor can play a pivotal role. It can be programmed to generate distinct vibration patterns for different types of alerts, such as emergency calls, priority messages, or severe weather warnings. This allows users to stay informed and respond promptly, even in noisy environments or situations where they cannot immediately access the radio’s display or audio output.

The integration of the models NFP-P0612 & NFP-P0716 micro pager motors into MOTOTRBO™ Digital Mobile Radios is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of technology. It not only enhances the usability and interactivity of mobile radios but also improves their accessibility and user experience, making them even more versatile tools for communication in various industries.

So, whether you are a professional relying on mobile radios for mission-critical operations or an enthusiast using them for recreational purposes, get ready to embark on a whole new level of engagement and functionality with the cylindrical erm vibration motor.

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Where Can I Get More Idea About ERM Vibration Motor ?

NFP-Motor provides all types of vibration motors with stable performance, strong power and long service time.

612 cylindrical vibration motor is a kind of Φ6mm ERM vibration motor.

The electrical parameters of the cylindrical vibration motor can be adjusted.

Eccentric Rotating Mass type pager motors provide haptic feedback.

The 6mm diameter erm motor consists of a cylindrical stator and a moving mass.

The two main factors determining the vibration force: the size of the pager motor eccentric mass and the speed requirement, voltage, current can be adjusted according to customer needs. And if you want a custom lead wire connection of the water resistant vibration motors or adding terminals connectors. Such as alternate lead wire length & strip lengths, with a connector (e.g. Molex, JST), etc. Any problems will be taken seriously and will be answered professionally, so please do not hesitate to contact us by the footer form.


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