Micro DC Motor

Brushed dc motor is the most common type of small dc motors, typically used in electric vehicles, robotics, and hand-held power tools. Permanent magnet dc motor is another type.


Micro DC Motor

Micro DC Motor

Small dc motors vary in size, but are typically about the size of a AA battery. For small dc motor, the most common type is the brushed dc motor. These motors have a commutator and brushes that contact the rotating armature to create a rotating magnetic field.

The armature is connected to the shaft, which turns the load. The speed of a brushed dc motor is controlled by the voltage applied to the armature. The torque of a brushed dc motor is proportional to the current flowing through the armature. Brushed dc motors are simple and rugged, but they are not very efficient.

The brushes create friction and wear out over time. Brushless dc motors are more efficient, but they are more expensive and require more complex electronics to control the motor. Small dc motors are used in a wide variety of applications. They are often used in toys, tools, and appliances.

Micro DC Motor Applications

Micro DC motors are compact and efficient devices that find a wide range of applications across various industries. These miniature motors are commonly used in robotics, consumer electronics, medical devices, and automotive systems. Micro DC motors provide reliable and precise rotational motion in applications such as camera autofocus, drones, portable medical devices, and small appliances. Their small size and high power-to-weight ratio make them ideal for applications where space is limited. Here, we share the diverse applications of micro DC motors and their significant contributions to industries that rely on compact and reliable motor solutions.