NFP-1215-912-101 BLDC Vibration Motor Use in Capsule Filling Machine

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Φ12mm Tiny BLDC 1215 Motor Brushless Vibration Motor

Motor Model NFP-1215-912-101
Rated Voltage 5.0V DC
Voltage Range 4.9V – 6.5V DC
Starting Voltage 4.9V Max
Rated Speed 12,000rpm ± 15%
Rated Current 380mA
Stall Current 850mA Max
Rated Load Tungsten steel vibrator R5.7*5mm
No. of Phase 3 phase
KV Value 3,600rpm
Temperature Range 10℃ – 50℃
Terminal Resistance 6.5Ω ± 15%
Vibration Amplitude 30G
Motor Diameter 12mm
Motor Length 15mm
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Micro BLDC Vibration Motor NFP-1215-912-101 Use in Capsule Filling Machine

Micro brushless vibration motors are becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in Feton® capsule filling machines with built-in 1215 BLDC vibration motor. These motors are small, lightweight, and offer high precision, long life.

In capsule filling machines, micro 1215 type brushless vibration motors are used to precisely control the flow of powder or granules into the capsule shell. The motor vibrates at a specific frequency, which causes the powder or granules to flow evenly and quickly into the capsule, ensuring that each capsule is filled accurately and consistently.

One of the main advantages of using micro brushless vibration motors in capsule filling machines is their high level of precision. The motors can be programmed to vibrate at specific frequencies, which can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the capsule filling process. This level of precision ensures that each capsule is filled with the correct amount of powder or granules, reducing the risk of overfilling or underfilling.

Another advantage of using micro brushless vibration motors in capsule filling machines is their compact size. These motors are small and lightweight, which makes them easy to integrate into the design of the machine. This means that capsule filling machines can be made smaller and more efficient, without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

An important component of Capsule Filling Tools is the Vibrating Table: With some types of powder, you will obtain a more uniform fill weight or simply make the filling operation easier if you use a vibrating table. Learn more about Feton Capsule Filling Machine

Tiny BLDC vibration motors offer a number of benefits for use in capsule filling machines. They offer high precision, are compact and lightweight, and can be easily integrated into the design of the machine. As the demand for precision and efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow, it is likely that we will see more and more machines incorporating these brushless motors in the future.

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NFP-Motor provides all types of vibration motors with stable performance, strong power and long service time.

2 types of long-life brushless vibration motors – pancake & cylindrical.

BLDC brushless vibration motor is long lifetime stable and durable.

Eccentric Rotating Mass type pager motors provide haptic feedback.

The Φ12mm diameter brushless vibration motor has super big amplitude.

The two main factors determining the vibration force: the size of the pager motor eccentric mass and the speed requirement, voltage, current can be adjusted according to customer needs. And if you want a custom lead wire connection of the water resistant vibration motors or adding terminals connectors. Such as alternate lead wire length & strip lengths, with a connector (e.g. Molex, JST), etc. Any problems will be taken seriously and will be answered professionally, so please do not hesitate to contact us by the footer form.


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