NFP-P0716 Φ7mm ERM Vibration Motor Use in Drone Joystick

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716 Φ7mm Mini Cylindrical ERM Vibration Motor Provide Haptic Feedback

Motor Model NFP-P0716-0-1515
Rated Voltage 3.7V DC
Rated Load R − 3mm, L − 5mm
Load Speed 17,000 ± 2,000rpm
Load Current ≤ 300mA
Stall Current ≤ 900mA
Rotation Direction CW
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NFP-P0716 Cylindrical ERM Vibrating Motor Use in Drone Joystick for Haptic Feedback

Micro ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) vibration motors have found a valuable application in drone joysticks. These compact motors are designed to provide haptic feedback, enhancing the user experience and improving control precision.

When integrated into drone joysticks, micro cylindrical ERM vibrating motors offer several benefits. Firstly, they provide tactile feedback, allowing users to feel vibrations and subtle movements, which aids in maneuvering the drone with greater accuracy. This haptic feedback can be particularly useful in situations where visual cues may be limited, such as flying in low-light conditions or navigating through obstacles.

Additionally, small ERM vibration motors can enhance the immersive experience of piloting a drone. By providing vibrations that correspond to different actions or events, such as takeoff, landing, or battery warnings, users can feel more connected to their drones and have a better understanding of the drone’s status without having to rely solely on visual or auditory cues. Meanwhile, these mini ERM vibrators are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for integration into drone joysticks without adding significant weight or bulk. Their low power consumption also ensures minimal impact on the overall battery life of the drone.

The built-in cylindrical erm vibration motor enhances control precision, provides haptic feedback for improved situational awareness, and adds to the immersive experience of flying a drone.

The tiny cylindrical ERM vibrating motor is there to notify the person behind the remote to check the display on the remote or to have joystick feedback using vibration.

With their compact size and low power consumption, these micro eccentric rotating mass vibration motors are well-suited for integration into joystick designs, making the small dc motors a valuable component in the world of drone piloting.

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Where Can I Get More Idea About ERM Vibration Motor ?

NFP-Motor provides all types of vibration motors with stable performance, strong power and long service time.

7mm diameter cylindrical vibration motor is a kind of ERM vibration motor.

The electrical parameters of the cylindrical vibration motor can be adjusted.

Eccentric Rotating Mass type pager motors provide haptic feedback.

The Φ7mm 716 erm motor consists of a cylindrical stator and a moving mass.

The two main factors determining the vibration force: the size of the pager motor eccentric mass and the speed requirement, voltage, current can be adjusted according to customer needs. And if you want a custom lead wire connection of the water resistant vibration motors or adding terminals connectors. Such as alternate lead wire length & strip lengths, with a connector (e.g. Molex, JST), etc. Any problems will be taken seriously and will be answered professionally, so please do not hesitate to contact us by the footer form.


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