Small Gear Motor

The small gear motors with a high amount of accuracy and power for instruments, measuring and testing equipment.


Small Gear Motor

DC Gear Motors

DC gear motors are composed of two main parts: the stator and the rotor, which are separated by an air gap, and the rotor is surrounded by a gearbox. The gearbox contains a set of gears that engage with the teeth on the rotor, and the gearbox is used to change the speed and torque of the dc motor. DC gear motor uses gears to increase its torque and decrease its speed, making it ideal for applications that require high torque at low speeds.
DC gear motors can be classified into two types: brushed dc gear motor and brushless dc gear motor.

Standard ERM Vibration Motors

ERM vibration motor is a type of electric motor that uses a rotating mass to create vibration. The vibration is often used to create a haptic feedback in the user, such as a feeling of heat, cold, or pressure. ERM vibration motors are often used in massagers, vibrating chairs, and other devices.

Large ERM Vibration Motors

ERM vibration motor uses electromagnetic radiation to create vibration. The amount of vibration created by the erm motor depends on the strength of the magnetic field, the size of the rotor, and the speed of rotation. Large ERM vibration motors’ high levels of vibration make them great option for many industrial applications.