Small Vibration Motor 7C-FS0725 Use in Next Generation Artificial Limbs

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Φ7mm Vibration Motors Provide Haptic Feedback for Next Generation Artificial Limbs

Next Generation Artificial Limbs which built-in mini vibration motors have come a long way in improving the quality of life of people who have lost a limb.
These micro vibration motors are designed to be compact and water resistant, making them ideal for use in artificial limbs. They are used for several important applications, improving the experience of users.

Sensory feedback: Vibration motors are integrated into artificial limbs to provide sensory feedback to users. When an artificial limbs comes into contact with a surface, micro-motors are activated, creating a sensation of contact and pressure. This allows users to better interact with their environment and adjust their approach accordingly.

Motor Model NFP-7C-FS0725
Rated Voltage 5V DC
Rated Current 100mA
Rated Speed 16,000RPM ±15%
Typical Norm. Amplitude 1.10G
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Dependable and Efficient Miniature Vibration Motor Solutions

NFP-Motor is the short name of Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd which is one of China’s most professional manufacturers of miniature vibrating motor used for haptic feedback in wearable devices. Over 15 years of LRA motor and ERM motor design and manufacturing experience.

NFP-Motor is an ISO 9001 certified for manufacturing high quality, reliable and affordable priced mini vibration motors including linear resonant actuators (LRA), coin vibration motor, cylindrical vibration motor, micro dc gear motor, micro dc motor…You can find a miniature dc vibration motor for your prototype.

The miniature vibration motor is a small electromechanical device that produces vibration or oscillation when an electrical current is applied. These motors are commonly used in various electronic devices, such as cell phones, smartwatches, game controllers, and other portable devices, to provide haptic feedback or alert the user of incoming notifications.
Miniature vibration motors typically have a compact design, low power consumption, and are available in various sizes and vibration strengths. They are essential components for creating a more interactive and immersive user experience in modern electronic devices.

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Where can I get more idea about all types of micro motor ?

NFP-Motor provides all types of vibration motors with stable performance, strong power and long service time.

All kinds of micro vibration motors, small dimension, compact size, big amplitude.

Gear motor with spur, planetary and epicyclic gearboxes, custom diameter, voltage, ratio.

Small DC motors are used in tools, toys, and appliances.

NPF Motor will give the most reliable supports for your product design.

In addition, small vibration motors provide some important functions in some applications.

  • Improved balance: Vibration motors can also be used to help improve the balance of users. By providing subtle tactile feedback, these motors help users adapt to changing terrain and avoid falls.
  • Increased comfort: The gentle vibrations produced by these small motors help reduce the feeling of discomfort often associated with wearing prostheses. This allows users to wear their artificial limbs longer and with less pain.
  • Discreet integration: Thanks to their compact size, these micro-motors can be integrated discreetly into the artificial limbs, providing a more natural aesthetic appearance.

Overall, the use of small vibration motors, and sealed vibration motors in artificial limbs improve users’ functionality, comfort and quality of life, while helping them feel more connected to their environment.

All the motors can mass production, if the motors you’re interested is not in stock, contact us directly. Custom design motors and OEM & ODM services for micro dc motors supported. Miniature gear motors, micro dc motor, LRA, ERM vibration motors…If you can’t find the motor you’re interested, contact us directly too!!


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