Standard Gear Motor

Small DC gearbox motors are wide applied to office / home / production automation, medical / security equipments, consumer / automotive electronics, and other OEM applications.


Standard Gear Motor

Standard Gear Motors

DC gear motor is direct current electric motor with a gearbox attached to the end of the shaft. The gearbox increases the torque of the motor and reduces the speed, that makes the DC gear motor ideal for applications where high torque and low speed are required.

DC Gearbox Motor Apllications

Brush DC gear motors are widely used in numerous applications that require precise control, torque, and speed regulation. These motors consist of a brushed DC motor combined with a gear mechanism, providing increased torque and reducing rotational speed. Brush DC gear motors find applications in robotics, automotive systems, industrial machinery, and various consumer electronics. They are commonly used in electric vehicles, robotic arms, actuators, and camera systems, where precise motion control is essential.