Stepper Gear Motor

Stepper motor generates high torque with a compact body, and is ideal choice for quick acceleration and response. NFP-Motor would manufacture excellent stepper motors.


Stepper Gear Motor

Geared Stepper Motor

A stepper motor with a gearbox is a type of motor that converts electrical pulses into rotational motion. It is commonly used in applications requiring precise positioning and repeatability, such as robotic arms, CNC machines, 3D printers, and automated production lines.

The stepper motor consists of two main components: the rotor, which rotates when the motor receives an electrical pulse, and the stator, which contains the coil windings that create the magnetic field for the rotor. The gearbox is an additional component that is connected to the stepper motor and is used to reduce the speed of the motor and increase its torque output.

The gearbox can be of either a planetary or spur design. Planetary gearboxes are the most common type, and are composed of multiple gears that are arranged in concentric circles around a central gear. Spur gearboxes consist of two gears, usually with a larger gear driving a smaller gear. Planetary gearboxes have the advantage of being able to increase torque while reducing speed, whereas spur gearboxes are only capable of reducing speed.

The gearbox also helps to reduce the noise generated by the motor, making it a better choice for applications that require a quieter environment.