Worm Gear Motor

12V 24V DC worm gear motor (High torque & Low RPM) widely use in smart small appliance and white goods, such as smart door lock, automotive central lock, electric curtain, and etc.


Worm Gear Motor

Small DC Gear Motors

The DC gear motor consists of two parts: the motor and the gearbox. The motor is an electric motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The gearbox is a mechanical device that increases the torque of the motor and reduces the speed, and the two parts are connected by a shaft.

Small DC Gearbox Motor Applications

Worm DC gear motors are versatile devices that are widely used in various industries for their unique characteristics and capabilities. These motors combine the advantages of worm gears, such as high torque and self-locking properties, with the simplicity and reliability of DC motors. Worm DC gear motors find applications in robotics, automation systems, industrial machinery, and automotive systems. They are commonly used in conveyor systems, gate openers, winches, and various other applications that require high torque and precise motion control.